Why I Applied to Peace Corps

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I applied to the Peace Corps today.  The Motivation Statement is part of the application.  You’re supposed to tell them why you want to join.  Here is what I wrote:

My Peace Corps Mission Statement

“I’m applying to Peace Corps because it’s my highest calling right now.  I was an attorney for eight years before I left my legal career to write, learn guitar and make art.  It was the best decision I ever made.  I savor the time I have to do the things I love.  The only thing missing from my life is travel.  If I could travel the globe while contributing to it meaningfully, there would be nothing better for me.  So my goal in the Peace Corps is to contribute to the communities I’m serving while sharing my experiences with the rest of the world through my art and writing.  The thought of this makes me more excited than anything in the world.

Living and working abroad will be a ripe ground for inspiration.  I spent a summer abroad in Western Europe during law school, and I’ve wanted to live overseas again ever since.  I studied European Union law at Oxford University that summer and attended the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in The Hague, Netherlands.  I also spent a couple of weeks traveling, which included stops in France, Ireland, Germany, and the Czech Republic.  I still draw inspiration from those experiences.
I first connected with Southeast Asia through my interest in martial arts.  I started training Muay Thai eight years ago and love Thai culture.  I visited Thailand for two weeks with some of my training partners, and that trip was one of my most cherished experiences.  I have longed to return to that part of the world ever since.
I was raised in San Diego, and I’ve always wanted to become fluent in Spanish.  I took Spanish all through high school and college, and I have visited Mexico many times but have never been fully immersed in a Spanish-speaking culture.  I speak some Spanish, but I want to become fluent.  I think the best way to learn is to live in a Spanish-speaking country, so moving to Central or South America excites me greatly.
Travel has always been a catalyst for personal growth for me.  If I can see the world and help others at the same time, then that is what I want to do.  Getting this opportunity would be a dream come true for me, and no one will be more excited to dive into the experience.  I have been praying that I get accepted into Peace Corps, and I will keep praying for it until it happens or it doesn’t.
As I mentioned above, I am excited to help others through my work in the Peace Corps and share my experiences through my art and writing.  I keep an ongoing blog, and I have a book that I hope to release by the end of this year.  I write, draw, and play guitar and share these experiences on social media.  I plan to maintain these practices throughout my work with the Peace Corps, and I believe they will be a great way to let everyone know about the positive impact we are making around the world.”

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