5 Keys to Staying Motivated

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How to Stay Motivated


I don’t think there is a magic bullet for staying motivated, but there are several tools you can use. Here are my favorites:


1) Clearly defined goals


a. Make your goals measurable (in numbers)
b. Put a time limit on them


The clearer your objective is, the more likely you are to achieve it. Making your goals measurable gives you a finish line – something definite to work towards. Putting a due date on your goals creates a sense of urgency – meaning that you have to act now rather than later today or tomorrow.


2) Exercise

Exercising boosts your energy, improves your mood, and creates momentum that you carry with you for the rest of the day. Showing up to the gym and working out is a mental victory that puts you into a winning mindset.

The best time to work out is first thing in the morning. Getting the endorphins firing first thing in the morning is great for your mind and your body. There is no such thing as a loser who wakes while it’s still dark to go train.


3) Nature

Disconnect from your devices and go into nature. Pay attention to the sounds, scents, and sights. Observe the plants and animals. Look for beauty. Feel the sun, wind, and elements on your skin.

Pay no mind whatsoever to whatever ‘’worldly’’ problems you have. Forget about them for a while and be free.

And for the love of God, stop looking at your phone. It makes me insane when I see people glued to their phone while hiking. The entire point is to disconnect.


4) Travel

For me, there is nothing more inspiring than seeing new places, people, and things. Interacting with people from different cultures and different languages provides new perspective – and new perspective is often what we need to feel refreshed and refueled.


5) Friends

It’s hard to overstate the importance of having like-minded friends who are also working hard towards their goals. Good friends motivate, inspire, and uplift each other.

I can’t tell you how many days there’ve been where I didn’t feel like training but showed up anyway and saw my friends. Once I saw my friends, I felt their energy and was instantly rejuvenated.

If you don’t have people in your life who are motivating you to keep getting better because of how they live, then find some. Make it a top priority. Join a new club that is related to your interests. Call up your best friend and go do something together. Spend time with people who inspire you.


5 Keys to Staying Motivated


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