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my mission

My mission is to fulfill my dream of being a writer and artist.  This blog is where I share the knowledge, ideas, and art that enrich my life.  I write poems, songs, essays, and stories to share my thoughts and experiences.  I hope that my work impacts you in some positive way and helps you on your journey.

I support causes that make the world more beautiful, safe, clean, just, equitable, conscious, and empathetic.  It takes large numbers of highly conscious people to make a real impact.  I’m just here to do my part.


Early Life

Edward Charles Signaigo IV (”Eddie”) was born on June 12, 1984, in Poway, CA.  His father is a stockbroker, and his mother is a schoolteacher.  Eddie has two younger brothers.

Eddie was very active growing up.  He played competitive soccer, baseball, and hockey.  He also enjoyed skateboarding and snowboarding.  He went to sports and aquatics camps when school was not in session.

Eddie loved reading books and magazines, particularly surfing and skateboarding magazines, which ultimately led him to become a writer.


2002: Graduated from La Costa Canyon High School.  He played varsity baseball.

2006: Graduated magna cum laude from the University of San Diego.  He majored in business and minored in economics and philosophy.  He received the Dean’s Scholarship for academic excellence.

2009: Graduated from Santa Clara University School of Law.  He received the Emery Law Scholarship and was a Technical Editor of the Computer and High Tech Law Journal.

Present: Studies Spanish at Areópago English Institute in Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico.


2009: Eddie passed the California Bar Exam and became a lawyer.

2009-2011: Eddie began his career as a personal injury attorney at one of San Diego’s premier plaintiffs’ law firms.

2011-2016: Eddie was an attorney at a national plaintiffs’ law firm working on consumer, antitrust, and securities cases.

2016-2019: Eddie began his career as a writer.  He also worked as a kickboxing instructor and worked at a restaurant.

2020: Eddie joined the Peace Corps and moved to Ghana.  Eddie’s Peace Corps service was cut short due to Covid.  Peace Corps closed during the pandemic.

2020-Present: After returning from Ghana, Eddie became a full-time writer.  In addition to this blog, Eddie writes a blog on personal injury law.


1988-Present: Eddie has been playing sports and doing fitness training since he started playing t-ball when he was four.  Eddie grew up playing baseball and hockey.

2011: Eddie started training in boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai.  He competed in amateur Muay Thai fights and earned a 2-1 record.

2016: Eddie began teaching boxing and kickboxing and became a NASM-certified personal trainer.

Present: Eddie loves to surf and skateboard.  He also enjoys running, plyometrics, calisthenics, swimming, bodysurfing, bicycling, stretching, and yoga.


2018-Present: Eddie started playing the guitar in 2018 to fulfill a lifelong dream.  He loves singing and playing the guitar and bongos.  He sings in both English and Spanish.  He plays shows at local cafes and restaurants.  He enjoys performing solo and with his jamming buddies.

Eddie’s musical influences include Tom Petty, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Pearl Jam, Queen, Grateful Dead, Widespread Panic, Muse, Daft Punk, Jack White, Bob Marley, Steve Vai, Mark Knopfler, Stone Temple Pilots, and many more.

did you know?


Eddie is fluent in Spanish.


eddie has spent time in ghana, england, france, Netherlands, czech republic, ireland, germany, scotland, thailand, mexico, columbia, AND guatemala.


eddie has three dogs named Elvis, Maya, and Queenie.

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