How to Use Jealousy to Your Advantage

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How to Use Jealousy to Your Advantage

Jealousy is a roadmap.

Whatever other people do that makes you jealous, do it.

That is your direction.

Whatever you do that makes other people jealous, 10x it.

If you’re making people jealous, that doesn’t mean stop.

It means double down on what you’re doing and keep going.

Making other people jealous is a sign that you’re on the right track.

Let others focus on your while you focus on your goals.

Losers focus on winners.  Winners focus on winning.

Jealousy is not a negative emotion.

Jealousy is teaching you something – it’s showing you the way.

Being jealous of someone is not a reason to dislike them.

It’s a reason to learn from them.

So if you are jealous of someone, don’t hate on them.

Start taking notes instead.

And if you are making other people jealous, keep doing it.

You’re on the right track.

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