The Road To Nowhere

by | May 10, 2019 | Poems

I can’t complain
This is the road I chose

I didn’t do it for riches
Or for gold

I did it to be free
But I am still shackled

The anxiety is a constant companion
A roommate I never wanted

I’d kick that bastard out today
If only I knew how

I can shut him up for a minute
But I know he’ll be back

The next time I need groceries
Or pull up to the pump

He’ll be back next time I want to buy coffee
Or go out on a date

And he’ll definitely be back
Next time I want to buy weed
To ease the stress he’s caused me

Why don’t you just kill him?
Get rid of him once and for all?
The good for nothing son of a bitch

I tried
But I can’t kill the fact that I need money
That bastard just won’t die

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