Standing Out

by | Oct 12, 2019 | Poems

Maybe I stand out
Because I’m beautiful
Maybe I stand out
Because I’m a bum
But these motherfuckers
Can’t stop looking at me
I’ll tell you that

Everywhere I go
Every single day
They can’t stop looking
Turning their neck
Like they’ve seen
A goddamn celebrity
Maybe they did
But I don’t get paid for it

I’m not trying to stand out
You see
People who try to stand out
The only way to stand out
Is to be yourself

Maybe being yourself
Is really that rare
That people can’t stop looking
Wherever you go
Like you’re a walking statue
From a different time

The good thing
About standing out
Is you can tell real people
From fake ones
Just by how they look at you

A douche acts like a douche
From the moment he lays eyes on you
Jealousy is instantaneous
You can tell within seconds
That clown wishes he was you
That girl thinks she’s too good
That old man envies your youth
That smart guy wishes he were as tough as you
And that tough guy wishes he were as smart
They can’t stop staring
But they ain’t smiling
And they ain’t got nothing nice to say
They’re nothing but damaged egos
Not worth a second thought

The real ones recognize
They like my hair
And they like my shirt
They like my confidence
And they like my style
They stare at me too
Except they smile
And say something

I like standing out
Because it saves me time
I can tell the real ones
From the fake ones
Like that


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