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Self-belief is what decides
Who lives their dreams
And who doesn’t

Those who make it
Believe in themselves
Those who don’t

Self-belief is often faked
And impersonated
By people who recognize
How powerful self-belief is
But haven’t done
What’s necessary to acquire it

Self-belief can only be acquired
By action in the face of fear
By setting goals and reaching them
By launching missions
And accomplishing them
By chasing dreams
And battling valiantly in victory
And in defeat

Self-belief has no place
For the quiet
The timid
Or the shy

Like a diamond
Self-belief doesn’t feel the need to shine
It just does

Self-belief is secure
And patient

Self-belief pays no mind
To any coward
Or fool
Who has the audacity
To doubt it
Self-belief knows
That all doubters
Are cowards
And fools
And will remain such
Due to their own self-doubt

Self-belief isn’t worried about the outcome
Because the results are always
The way they should be
When you love the process

Self-belief loves the process
And would do it for food, water and shelter alone
If that meant it didn’t have to do anything else

Self-belief is the subject of great jealousy
From phonies, fakes, liars and punks
Who are drawn to the shine of self-belief
But are unwilling to pay its price
Because they are too scared
Or weak
Or foolish
To do what’s necessary

Self-belief allows
Doubts, fears and setbacks
To pass right through it
Because self-belief knows
That doubts, fears and setbacks
Are part of the process, too

Self-belief is grateful
For the support and recognition it receives

Self-belief tells the truth
Has integrity
Is authentic
And is transparent

The more transparent a person’s self-belief is
The stronger it is
Transparent self-belief is our greatest weapon

An easy way to know
Whether or not a person believes in themselves
Is to look at their motives
A person motivated by fame, money or power
Can never truly believe in themselves
A person whose world revolves around money
Fame or power
Will always be insecure
No matter how much they have
Because too much money, fame, or power
Is never enough
Money, fame, and power are addictions

True power is independent
Of money, fame and influence
True power is knowledge of the self
True power is self-belief
True power can only be acquired through freedom

And freedom can only
Be acquired
By doing what you want
When you want
Only in those moments
Are you truly free

Self-belief loses jobs
And family members
Who don’t believe in it
And it loses them
As quickly as possible

A man who does what he wants
When he wants
Possesses self-belief
A man who possesses self-belief
Does what he wants
When he wants
They are one and the same

Self-belief is an act of courage
And an act of rebellion
And an act of war

It’s an act of war on all the constructs
That told you, you couldn’t be
Whatever it is you want to be

Self-belief is an act of war on every false limitation
That’s ever been placed on you
Self-belief is an act of truth
In a sea of lies

Self-belief sets the slaves free
And jails all the masters

Self-belief treats everyone the same

Self-belief has self-love

Self-belief stays focused on what it’s doing
Because there’s nothing else to do

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