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Sometimes I get ornery
When I get stuck in traffic
Or watch the news
But then Buddha tells me
There’s no sense getting the blues

You can’t be ornery
When you think about the good
I still have some weed
And I still have the hood

I have good company
And good keep
I have my own bed
And I get good sleep

There’s food in the fridge
And water at the hole
The more I think about it
I have no reason to be ornery at all

Maybe Buddha was right
Some things you can’t change
So it’s wise to focus
On what’s in range

The journey is inward
And it’s a process of healings
When you stop being ornery
You get the right feelings

Ornery starts in the mind
And gets into the heart
It can consume anyone
No matter how smart

It turns friends into enemies
And boils your blood
It will always convince you
You’re stuck in the mud

It’s why I drink
And it’s why I smoke
And it’s why I meditate
And that’s no joke

If I stopped being ornery
I might lose all my ills
I’d surely find new ones
But then I’d learn new skills


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