Moving On

by | Aug 26, 2023 | Poems

He thought about her every day
But what did it matter?
He was only a note in her world

It’s all changed now
And it’s all for the better
He doesn’t think about her much anymore

For a long time he couldn’t help
But dwell on his past mistakes
But he tries to forget them now
And remember the lessons

But he hasn’t forgotten about her
He doubts he ever will
It’s not that he wants her back
And it’s not that he sees her in his future

It’s just that he could never forget
The lessons he learned the hard way
The lessons he learned from her
He wouldn’t say he’s grateful
Even though he’s better for it
But he’s not bitter either
It was meant to be that way

He’s moved on
And so has she
And he doubts he will ever see her again
But whether he does or whether he doesn’t
He wishes her well
Despite all that happened
And whether it was her fault or his

Maybe he dodged a bullet
And maybe she did too
Things always work out
The way they are meant to

So here’s to moving on
And here’s to being free
And here’s to forgiveness
He’s learned that
If you send someone to hell
Then you go there too

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