Like A Trainer Of Cats Rap

by | Jul 20, 2019 | Poems

I need a gig
To make some scratch
I wanna do it
To the max
But which direction
Where’s the tracks

And where’s the clues
I thought I knew
Just what to do
But yesterday
I got the news
And just since then
I’ve been confused
F’it wasn’t me
I’d be amused
But since it is
Now what’s the move

I ask my Mom
I ask my friends
This vicious cycle
Never ends
Am I a bum
Or’m I a business man
And what’s the business
Where’s the plan
Or should I just
Work for the man
But if that happens
I’ll be damned
That’s what I say
That’s where I stand
I got the cards
I played the hand
So turn them up
Let’s see
My man

When changes come
Things well be done
I don’t know
What they’ll be
I wish I had
A crystal ball
To solve
This mystery
Or see ahead in time
To know the future
Here and now
And take a load
Off of my mind
To know that I’ll survive
This time

Just like the last
And this will pass
And I’ll be thankful
God will laugh
And life goes on
Just how it does
But doing what’s
The question, cuz

Or maybe I’ll pull money
Right out of my ass
Right there on stage
Like a trainer of cats
I can just see it now
What a show that would be
I wouldn’t charge cover
I’d do it for free
Everyone in the crowd
Would all watch with glee
And I’d give them the money
And then they’d feed me
So I’d shit more money
And we’d all live for free


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