Let Me Out Rap

by | Jul 18, 2019 | Poems

I don’t sweat the people
Who act like the rudest
I wear a chain
And I’m calm
And I pray
I’m a Buddhist
I just let it pass
Like my surface is smoothest
They don’t know by now
I can’t help them
They’re clueless
Cause I’m running laps
With no shoes on
I’m shoeless

I knock down walls
And break down fences
Art is a war
And I’m down in the trenches
Winning each day
With no news or mentions

No camera
No spotlight
No drama
It’s on
Just me and my pen
Fists are tight
Guns are drawn
If they make me
I’ll fight
Till the sun’s early dawn
And when I get done
I’ll just sing you a song
That reminds you of one
That you knew as a kid
When you said you were gonna
And then you did

With big brass nuts
That should’ve been framed
And put in a painting
And properly named
They don’t like the score
When you teach them the game
But after you do
They remember your name
They see and feel it
Deep down in their veins
There’s no fun anymore
It’s just more of same
Fuck this cage, let me out
I am going insane


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