Back to Work Again

by | Jul 3, 2019 | Essays

Today I was upset because my Mom said she is likely going back to work again.  My Mom has helped me a bunch of times since I went from attorney to whatever I am now.  I am either a bum or an entrepreneur.  I can’t be sure either way, but I have to say that I work more than any bum I’m ever met.  I want my Mom to have a peaceful retirement and still get to do all the things she wants to do without having to work if she doesn’t want to.  I think everyone would want that for their Mom.  She worked double time my whole life raising three kids and being a full-time junior high school teacher.  She deserves to retire.  And it breaks my heart when I have to ask her for money.

But then I saw the news today and saw what was happening in immigration camps, and I thought, “At least I’m not in there.”  They won’t let any news or journalists in there for a reason.  These people are being malnourished and tortured.  And it’s happening in the middle of American cities next to the Subway and the University building.  People are just disappearing into these hell holes and being held indefinitely.  No showers.  No clothes.  Standing room only.  No place to lie down.  When inspectors showed up, people were pressed against the window, praying and begging to get out, holding signs showing how long they’d been there.  It was horrific.  If you’ve ever spent even one night in jail, you know how shitty that sounds.  And Lord knows these people aren’t getting the proper procedure on their hearings.  They’re pulling people out of their homes and throwing them into cages.  Most of these people committed no crime other than exist in the United States.  They were rounded up and tortured for existing in the United States.  How disgusting.  This is a very dangerous standard we are setting.

So what should I do about it?  Am I supposed to go out and protest?  And am I supposed to go back to work as a lawyer and start trying to bail them out as fast as I can?  Or do I just write down my two cents and share it in a blog?

I chose to write my two cents and share it in a blog because that would serve the dual purposes of 1) publicly airing my grievances about the subject and 2) giving me time to study for my NASM certification so I can start working at the gym again to support myself instead of having to beg and borrow.  Begging and borrowing make you feel like a bum.  I am not a bum.  Show me a bum whose activities match mine, and show you no bum at all.

I still don’t have a clue how to help all those people locked up in immigration camps, but at least now I shared something about it.  I also prayed for them.  That sounds very cheap these days, but it isn’t when I say it because I have faith.

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