by | Sep 7, 2019 | Poems

If you fake it
Till you make it
You can’t wonder
Why your life
Is fake

Authenticity is king
Always has been
Always will be
Is the undefeated
Strap holding
Crown wearing
Greatest of all time

Authenticity is both
A shield
And a sword

Authenticity makes sense
Out of nonsense

Authenticity tells the truth
Even when it’s not convenient

Authenticity is transparent

Authenticity learns lessons
And shares them
In the sharing
There is power

Authenticity has love
And shows it

Authenticity speaks for itself
And doesn’t need anyone
To speak for it

Authenticity doesn’t know
What people say behind it’s back
Because it doesn’t give a shit

Authenticity is strong
And dedicated
And loving
And kind
And generous

Authenticity doesn’t hide
Behind closed doors
Or closed mouths

Authenticity doesn’t hide
From anything

To do that
Would be to dim its shine
And authenticity shines
As bright as possible
That’s its job
Like the sun

Authenticity knows
Life is theater


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