An Underwater Mansion

by | Jul 23, 2020 | Poems

The titanic vessel lurches and lists
All aboard know
Something has gone horribly wrong

The captain is mad
And has been mad
Since long before they left port

There’s a mutiny on the deck
And no one can agree
How to right the ship

The captain deploys loyalist thugs
To quiet the objections
But the objections only grow louder

The crew beats each other senseless
While the captain watches
And cheers them on
While his vessel seals its fate
As an underwater mansion

The control tower radios the captain
Should we send help
The mad captain lies
And tells them
It’s smooth sailing

The crew battles amongst themselves
While the ship submerges
The captain alone steals the safety raft
And escapes

No one aboard the ship survived
Except the mad captain
Who lived to tell tales of his own heroics
Though nobody ever believed him

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