5 Perks Of Pursuing Your Dreams

by | Sep 6, 2019 | Poems

1) I have six dollars in my bank account until my more than seven-week late unemployment check arrives (if it arrives).
2) My rent check is about to bounce because my unemployment check is seven weeks late.
3) I have an anxiety attack every time I have to spend money.  Every time.
4) I hate going to the grocery store now (something I used to love) because I can’t afford it.
5) I have a panic attack at the beginning of each month about the time rent is due and have to call my Mom.

This is what pursuing your dreams looks like.  It looks like being broke, and there’s nothing glamorous about it.  It’s a tough business.  But do I want to quit and get a 9 to 5?  Nope.

If you want your dreams to come true, you have to stand up and punch the world in the face.  When the world fights back, you keep fighting harder.  Each time the world hits you, you hit it three or four times until, eventually, it doesn’t want to fight with you anymore and has no choice but to recognize you as a champion.

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