10 Seconds of Fame Rap

by | Jul 16, 2019 | Poems

If you don’t know the words
Get a dictionary
Cause I’m speaking my mind
And the vision is scary

Busting rhymes
On my down time
Cause I’ve got time
Cause my time’s mine

I got more flows
Then shmoes
Who don’t know
How it goes
Where I play

Here’s ten seconds
Have your fame
Take a picture
Sign your name
If ain’t pretty it’s a shame
Cause being phony
Is being lame

Never fake it
Or you’ll never make it
Only the real survive
But paying dues
And telling truths
Keep the dreams alive

Want to be an artist
And make a good mint
Then get outta bed
And start running sprints

Stand up
Tell your story
Don’t be scared
It’s pain for glory

Sometimes you gotta lose
Before you can win
Everyone Ks
Even T. Gwynn

The good ones keep swinging
Even after you miss
When the crowds don’t cheer
When they boo and hiss
Until you knock a dinger
And win the game
Then they clap
And cheer your name
Cause you were the hero
In the final frame
You did it, it’s yours
10 seconds of fame


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