The Kid I Used to Be

by | Feb 18, 2023 | Poems

Sometimes I think about the kid I used to be
Sitting in his room on Sequoia Crest
Reading surf and skate magazines
Listening to Nirvana and Pearl Jam
And thinking about what
He wanted to be when he grew up
He wanted to be like
The people he was reading about
In the magazines
The surfers and skaters
And he wanted to be like
The people playing the music
He was listening to
The musicians
When I wonder why
I surf, skate, and play music
I often think that I do it
To make that kid proud
To show him
That he can be
Anything he wants to be
And nothing can stop him
I’ve found
As I’ve grown up
That I am happier
The closer I get
To being to the person
Who that kid wanted me to be
The kid who read magazines
And listened to music
Alone in his room on Sequoia Crest

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