The Joys of Running Shirtless

by | Jan 18, 2019 | Essays

I went running shirtless today.  It wasn’t particularly warm out.  It was kind of chilly, actually.  There was still some mist in the air from the rains.  But I went running shirtless, anyway, because I could.  It’s liberating.  Especially when no one else is shirtless.  That’s the best time because then everyone is looking at you.  Why?  Because you are free.

Running shirtless is just a great feeling.  Especially when you have a mullet, like me, because you can feel your mullet flowing behind you in the wind.  It’s beautiful.  Today, I put a dab of Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen on my nose before I went out, and the whole run smelled like coconuts, pineapples, the beach, and piña coladas.  It was brilliant.

Running with your shirt off is like an inside joke between you and the Universe.  “Everyone else put on all of their clothes today, and I only put on half of mine.  HA!”

Women know about shirtless running too.   I see women running in sports bras all the time.  They know what I know – that running with no shirt is a great feeling.

Man or woman – it doesn’t matter – we love running with our shirts off.  Want to know why?  Try it and find out.

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