Plight of an Escaped Slave

by | Feb 20, 2023 | Poems

Congratulations, you escaped
But don’t expect the other slaves
To be happy for you
They’re still not free
So don’t expect them
To be happy for you
Because you escaped
You’d think
They would be happy
To see one of them make it
To give them hope
That maybe they could make it too
If they tried hard enough
But most of them just get jealous
And immediately start
Making excuses
For why they can’t escape too
And point out
All the advantages you had
That they don’t
You’d think
They would take your case
As inspiration
To change their own lives
But the reality is
Most of them would rather just
Submit to their fate
And stay where they are
And keep making excuses
For why they’re still there
In reality
The only reason they are still there
Is because they are too scared
To do what you did
They are too scared
To make an escape
So they stay where they are
And they stay jealous of you
They are not your friends
Your only friends
Are the other ones who got free
And the ones who are ready die trying
Your only friends
Are the other ones like you

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