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The thing about heroes
Is they get to keep living
After they die
In the minds
And the hearts
Of those they inspire

A hero’s energy
Can be felt
For generations
And for miles around

The heroes never actually die
Their Spirit keeps living
In the minds
And the hearts
Of those they inspire

Some of them
You know
Some of them
You don’t
But all of them inspired someone
That’s why they’re heroes
Heroes inspire others
But they inspire themselves, first
Only once you have inspired yourself
Can you inspire others

The hero inspires himself by
Following dreams and visions
Which provide his road map
And lead him to action
The path he follows
Is that which leads to his dreams
To follow another path
Would make him less than a hero
And he knows that
He chose the harder path
For the better prize at the end
Fulfillment is what he’s after
Satisfaction of a deep desire
To do something good in the world
That’s what makes a hero happy

There are no big heroes
Or small heroes
All heroes are the same
They have a million faces
And a million names
We see them every day
Some we’ve known for years
Others we just met
Others we only know
From the messages they left behind

The great ones leave clues
Like footprints to an enchanted place
Giving a you glimpse and
Showing you the footprints
And if you keep following
The footprints
For long enough
Then eventually you
See what they saw
And you become one of them

If you show someone love today
Then you’re a hero

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