Go Tell Them All Rap

by | Jul 19, 2019 | Poems

I might have dreamed
I would write
But never a rapper
A nice suit and tie
And a mullet
But dapper
Even when broke
I can still dress to kill
Cause rich
Or poor
My style is ill
I don’t get paid
It’s for the thrill
I never stop
I have no chill

The pen moves
And the mind grooves
Telling news
Leaving clues
About the methods
I use
To give you my views
Cause I’m lucky
It’s true
Take a seat
We got room
Come on in
Show starts soon

If you listen
You hear it
You know that it’s true
So go tell them all
And not just a few
Go tell them all
Make them listen to you
And no, there’s not time
For one single excuse

My bars
Are from Mars
Where there’s no cars
And no scars
From no traffic
It’s tragic
We die in our own shit
For profit
But not mine
And not yours
Punch the clock
Do the time
For a minimum wage
That is barely enough
To keep you a slave
To the system
If you want your next shilling
Don’t try
To get brave
Or the world will come down
And you’ll live in a cave

And no one will like you
They’ll just call you Dave
Even though everyone knows
That’s not really your name
But what does it matter
We’re all just the same
Punch the clock
Show up
Do what they pay you to do
Some day, if you’re lucky
Then you get to choose
Until then you keep grinding
Some nurse it with booze

I nurse it with writing
Because it’s exciting
I’ve done lot’s of things
I even did fighting
But nothing compares
To the feelings I feel
When the words just keep coming
No filter
No seal
Like a faucet
My Spirit
Won’t stop
Pouring out
It’s my heart
It’s my soul
It’s my mind
There’s no doubt

I was put here to do this
I didn’t just choose this
It chose me instead
And I know
I just proved this


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